Thursday, October 1, 2009

Update for Blogs 10/1/09

Put simply:

I've been busy.

I am disappointed.

I have new unsigned artists to feature.


New Look. (Hopefully)

New Ideas. (Hopefully)

Thanks to Followers, old and new.

Look out for new post SOON.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cashus C.R.E.A.M. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is Cashus C.R.E.A.M from Hartford, CT. Cashus C.R.E.A.M boasts a smooth flow and clever punchlines that is reminiscent of LL Cool J back in his prime. Inspired by great Hip Hop Acts from Queens, like Nas and Run DMC, he takes the intuitive to follow his dream in the area that inspired him. Like LL, he has the sex appeal to grab up female fans and make a career based on the ladies loving him. He has enough business sense to market himself alone and make himself profitable.

However, he differs himself by being more than eye candy for the ladies by being versatile in the topics that he touches on. He can easily take time to make ballads about broken homes, relationships gone awry and at the same time he can remind you that he will go upside your head if you try him.

With his Queens Borough mindset, smooth lyrics and potential sex appeal, Cashus C.R.E.A.M has the potential to be a G.O.A.T of his time.

My Favorites for Cashus C.R.E.A.M are, "Mr. Who" and "Opps Ya Head"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

‘Haze Diaries Volume 1′. New Mixtape of the Week.

Since I dont have a new artist to feature for this week, I thought it would be fitting to show an exclusive new mixtape from former Unsigned Artist of the Week, Gotham Green.

Check it out.

Haze Diaries Cover

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dyme-A-Duzin. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the week is Dyme-A-Duzin from Brooklyn, New York. Dyme-A Duzin brings to the table a unique style and sensibility to the changing face of Hip Hop. As an artist, he shows an uncanny ability to be down to earth and fresh, taking things that are familiar, and bringing his own perspective to it. He still however, shows an ability to bring new subject matter to the table at a moments notice if necessary.

Not only is this artist a breeze to relate to and has a grounded sense of self in his music, but he has very good business sense. Utilizing a deep subscriber base on Youtube, he has created himself into not just another rapper but into a brand that speaks for itself. Still in High school, he is enjoying a level of success that would make pursuing his career in the future worthwhile.

With his sensibility and style all his own, Dyme-A-Duzin easily makes his case for a future in Hip Hop.

My Favorites from Dyme-A-Duzin are "Sh3 Sexy" and "Suicide is Painless"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How would you react?

This image tells a strange story about the world.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

August. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the is August from Toronto, Canada. A self taught musician and singer, August, mixes a beautiful singing voice with a level of production that is second to none. His creative songwriting puts his music in a league of its own, with themes from love to the every day struggle of life.

August lets his charisma shine through his song giving them a life and feeling that is all their own. With a classic mix of singing ability, excellent production value and a certain charm, August easily makes himself a musical artist that demands more attention.

My Favorites from August are "This Life" and "Clock's Stop".

Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Apology.

So I must first apologize for my disappearance, I recently got a new job and it takes a great chunk of my effort and time.

I thank all my readers for continuing to be the reason why I blog and share my thoughts on things.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AJ Rafael. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is AJ Rafael from Moreno Valley, California. AJ Rafael couples his ability to play the piano and guitar with his singing ability to bring his own unique acoustic sound to the music world. His voice is gentle and smooth enough to give his listeners a good calming feeling. He adds his voice to lyrics that are touching, inspirational and speaks to anyone who has any experience of love.

Behind the voice is a slow beautiful melody of piano and guitar chords that compliment to his singing ability and raising the emotions of his music. With his winning musical combination done mostly on his own,  AJ Rafael is an artist for those who wish to have a pure presentation of an artist and their music.

My Favorites from AJ Rafael are "She was Mine" and "Starlit Nights"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Smart FM. Learn Stuff.

The only social networking site that I know of that helps you learn languages and a whole range of other subjects.

It works using user generated information and their special programs like iKnow, Dictation and Brain Speed.

How the programs work?

1. iKnow! is our flagship study tool for memorizing information and it’s probably where you’ll be spending most of your time. Built around years of research into memory and learning, it’s like a personal trainer for your head. Its adaptive learning technology creates a personalized schedule just for you, scheduling items for review just when you need to study them. 

2. Dictation is designed to test your language listening and production skills. The concept is simple but the results are powerful: hear a sentence, type it out. (For a list to be eligible for study within Dictation, it has to have sample sentences.) 

3. BrainSpeed is a light (and light-hearted) tool for quickly getting exposure to whatever you’re studying. It randomly chooses items from the list you're studying and presents them to you in rapid-fire sessions for quick review. 

You can even add your own information and use it as a little study session to help with memorization.

This site is perfect for vocabulary but is no substitution for a class setting or in depth study of a subject.

Still, It is a great site and a very useful addition to the social networking world.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Frank Ramz. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is Frank Ramz from New York. Frank Ramz displays an all encompassing and natural skill for rhyming along with a message for the genre of music he makes. Frank Ramz's wordplay and interesting metaphors come off smooth and eloquently, so much so that one may have to go through a few listens to notice some cleverly worded punchlines. His rhymes have even garnered approval from fellow rappers like Charles Hamilton. 

His criticism of the Hip Hop community as it stands today is not jarring and vengeful but full of intelligent and truthful insights. Coupled with sweet sounding production and his very different and intellectual style, Frank Ramz makes a very good case for why he deserves a chance to make it.

My Favorites from Frank Ramz are "Cryptachronacuddalite" and "Dr. Scholl's Soul"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gotham Green. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the week is Gotham Green from New York. Gotham Green brings a homely feel to his music that is perfect to just sit back and enjoy. He exudes a cool and entertaining persona on the mic that is not threatening and condescending in any way.On top of the cool persona, is a storyteller that tells a story that is his alone and he tells it bluntly and truthfully.

Behind the lyrics, are heavy hip hop productions that range from classic quotes from rappers and turntable spins and scratches. All blended together for an experience that is smooth and something familiar yet very different from what Hip Hop has become.

My Favorites from Gotham Green are, "Picture in Words" and "Still in the Streets"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Buckchild. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is Buckchild from Berkeley, California. Buckchild brings his pop culture heavy production and slick lyrics together to bring a sound that is becoming all to popular in Hip Hop music. 

Lyrically, he flows in a grand show of metaphors and pop references that make it a thrill to listen to rap. However, his music doesn't venture out too far to alienate listeners, instead it pulls listeners in to get more involved with his music

Coupled with production that matches his surprising lyrical style, Buckchild is positioning himself to be an instant hit in the near future.

My Favorites from Buckchild, "Boom Skys" and "Digital Jam"

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gabrielle White. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is Gabrielle White from New York, New York. Gabrielle White's strong yet smooth and sultry voice is her most powerful asset along with her overall style and beauty. Being at one time incapable of being able to sing, she has a story that is unique to her struggle as an artist and keeps her well focused on her goal.

Musically, she uses her voice in a variety of ways going from more uptempo high energy vocals to her signature smooth and passion filled voice. With small peaks at what she can achieve with her own original beat production in a couple of songs from her mixtape Gift of Gab, she displays both class and talent to take her career to another level.

My Favorites from Gabrielle White are, "You'll be the One" and "Secret"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Co$$. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is Co$$ from Los Angeles, California. Co$$ brings his gritty style to a rap world that sometimes forgets where it came from. With the classic bounce that the west is known for, he incorporates his clever wordplay and punchlines to complete a sound that screams a resurgence in west coast customs.

Co$$ however shouldn't be labeled as just a rapper with good punchlines because he clearly has the ability to switch his flow at a moments notice. His stories are defined by a true life depiction of the streets and a self analysis of how it has molded him and continues to do so. 

He is a true testament to the west coast sound and just as refreshing as the weather of the city he represents for.

My favorites from Co$$ are "Save Them" and "Angelic"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

JusThoughtZ. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is JusThoughtZ from Atlanta, Georgia. JusThoughtZ uses his lyrical abilities to bring a sound that can be described as an Alternative Christian Hip Hop that far surpasses anything that more mainstream Christian Hip Hop has ever been able to produce. His method  isn't to beat Christianity into the heads of his listeners but instead to subtly and cleverly weave it into his music. Along with his message, he flows smoothly over his tracks and brings a few "Oohs" with his clever wordplay.

JusThoughtZ also differentiates himself from the genre by choosing to opt for more Hip Hop and Rock beats instead of the more Gospel heavy sound of Christian Hip Hop today. A unique artist in every sense of the word, it is good to hear that there are upstart artists who are not scared to use there talents to be different and express what they believe in.

My Favorites from JusThoughtZ are "FUTR", "EveryDay" and "Us"

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dee Nyce. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is Dee Nyce from Brooklyn, NY. Dee Nyce takes his lyrical ability and turns the rap game upside down with his subject matter. Instead of taking the route of praising and uplifting the life of the ghetto, he takes a step back and criticizes the glorification of the hood. However, instead of rapping in metaphors and similes when referring to the hood, he decides to take a more literal approach and express his ideas as he sees them.

Not only does Dee Nyce criticize the glorification of the hood but he also gives insights and alternative ways to reach one's full potential in life. A proud father and a voice that goes against the common mentality of the streets, he is an artist that his fans can be proud to listen to.

My Favorites from Dee Nyce are "Ignorant Shit" and "I'm Proud of You"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Suave the Ape. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is Suave the Ape from New Brunswick, New Jersey. Suave displays an uncanny aptitude for wordplay and has the ability to flow smoothly on a variety of sample heavy beats. He has the ability to put together his words in a way that is clever and refreshing to the ears, while his flow and rhyme schemes are reminiscent of the underground sounds of MF Doom made all his own.

Along with the clever sampling that ranges from Old Hip Hop sounds to Obama snippets and movie quotes , Suave redefines the sound of the always creative underground scene.

My Favorites from Suave the Ape are "Can't Magnetize Me" and "Planet Falls"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Soulja. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is Soulja from Queens, NY. Soulja brings to the table lyrics that express a pure and conscious view of the world around him from both a local and political standpoint. From topics about family to the ongoing conflict in Tibet, he uses his knowledge and understanding of familiar and foreign topics to give his listeners a fresh new perspective of the overall power of Hip Hop to be a voice of the people.

As Soulja grows, those who chose to follow him as a fan will benefit from an artist who uses his gifts not only to entertain but also to educate.

My Favorites from Soulja are "Go" and "Just Tryin' 2 Make U See"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dru. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is Dru from Brooklyn, NY. Dru boasts massive verbal capabilities and puts together rhymes that are still humble enough to be understood by those who appreciate the art of true Hip Hop. He is also a very rare find in that Dru  has the ability to compliment a complex beat and ride it eloquently instead of shy away from it.

With a swagger to match his creativity and persona, he has what it takes to give a thoroughly entertaining live performance along with songs that you can pop in you iPod and vibe to.

My favorites from Dru are, "Bullshit as Usual" and "Winter"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sene. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week for this week is Sene from Brooklyn, NY. Sene brings a smooth flow that reminds one of LA but then hits you with a punchline that reminds you that this is a Brooklyn rhymer. He exudes a hood sensibility but still manages to give off a persona of a genuine person, someone you can chill with.

He has the ability to take a positively mellow track or a jazzy up tempo beat and make it into whatever he desires whether it be about a gold digging woman or about literally doing whatever you want, he entertains lyrically with every track.

My favorites from Sene are "Whateva Wheneva" and "Im Sayin"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Disbelief in the Economy.

The Economy.

With all the world in a mess because of it, it would make sense to figure out the economy's part in the grand scheme of things.

The economy is defined as:

"The economy is the realized social system of productionexchangedistribution, and consumption of goods and services of a country or other area. A given economy is the end result of a process that involves its technological evolution, civilization's history and social organization, as well as its geographynatural resource endowment, and ecology, among other factors."

Let's break down this definition shall we.

"The economy is the realized social system of productionexchangedistribution, and consumption of goods and services of a country or other area. A given economy is the end result of a process that involves its technological evolution, civilization's history and social organization, as well as its geographynatural resource endowment, and ecology, among other factors."

Let's look at the statement in red,  The economy is said to be a realized social system. A realized social system can be interpreted to be a system that is accepted by those of a society. Therefore, no matter how bad the economy is as long as it is accepted, it will be an all encompassing part of our life.

"The economy is the realized social system of productionexchangedistribution, and consumption of goods and services of a country or other area. A given economy is the end result of a process that involves its technological evolution, civilization's history and social organization, as well as its geographynatural resource endowment, and ecology, among other factors."

In this explanation, it states that based on these factors an economy is born. Now, the factors like technological evolution, civilization's history and social organization are constructs of human intelligence. These are factors that are constantly in a state of change. Therefore, making the economy as all things we have created, susceptible to being destroyed.

So why is it that we continue to believe in such a fragile system that forces upon us the need to work and create difference's in statuses based on income.

A system that no matter how much we can see benefit in we can, as we are experiencing now, suffer major losses in the state of well being in all human nature.

Now, my disbelief in an economy may seem radical to some, but just sit and think for a moment just what will happen if an economy does crash?

"The economy is the realized social system of productionexchangedistribution, and consumption of goods and services of a country or other area. A given economy is the end result of a process that involves its technological evolution, civilization's history and social organization, as well as its geographynatural resource endowment, and ecology, among other factors."

Take a look at the last statement in red. These are all things of nature which are last in the definition because they, like all we have strived for as human beings, are always the end result. 

Nature doesn't need an economy to make its decisions so why are we, beings of nature that we are, not as the nature we live amongst.

Do we so fear going back to living in cave times that we let the concept of an all encompassing system rule over us?

Don't we still have the ability to make live the way we want if we all decide that we will work together for the common good instead of for the love of money.

I say we do and until we realize this, we will have to live in a world where our uncertainy will only match our imagination that without an economy, we will all crumble.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TiRon.Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week for this week is TiRon from Los Angeles, California. In a world where anyone with talent seems to be from another world, it good to get an artist like TiRon to bring us back down to earth. 

He possesses a talent with his lyrics to relate to just about anyone who is willing to lend an ear to his music. From rapping about being put in the "friend zone" to dealing with the problems that living the high life with no money can bring, he brings sensible commentary to a sometimes spend thrift and misogynistic rap world.

Working behind a medley of beats that have a classic west coast vibe that is fresh and new, he is poised to make a big impact in years to come.

My Favorite Songs from TiRon are "The High" and "Throwing My Money"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

B-Swagg. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week for this week is B-Swagg from Nassau, Florida. With only sixteen years behind him, he is already on his way to having a thorough command his craft. Musically, he puts together an impressive blend of beats and lyrics that could set him up to dominate the music world. He has the ability to make a very serious song and still find space in his arsenal demolish a beat just for fun.

With his budding musical ability, his youth becomes less of a crutch and more of a compliment when one thinks of how he has so much time to cultivate his skill.

My favorite songs from B-Swagg are "Prince of Nassau" and "Ready for Love"

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Life for the Unliving.

Now, I don't usually get philosophical when I watch old cartoons or listen to video game music from the past but something struck me as strange. For the first time I realized I was actually revisiting my past. I was never that conscious of the fact that I could revisit periods of my life through art and entertainment.

It is funny how Art and Entertainment is weaved into the tapestry of our world so much that it holds the experiences of our past, and will influence our future, yet for the most part they are dubbed as unnecessary spending in our schools and seen sometimes as a great dumbing down of our present culture.

I wish to explore more how our modern day Art and Entertainment has become a give and take relationship which I feel we the people give life to and how it has become more of truth in our day and age than any others.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dr. Hollywood. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the week is Dr.Hollywood from where else but Hollywood California. Consisting of two members, this band brings together the "Sounds of rebellion" and mellows them out. Fusing Electro beats with the smooth rhythm of Rock guitars, they bring a sound that is unique and reminiscent of a sunny day in California. Their good life lyrics match the beats perfectly for a sound that gets you both in the mood to party and to enjoy living life.

So if you are in the mood for some music to just vibe to or into songs that make you feel good, Dr. Hollywood has the prescription for you.

My Favorites Songs from them are "1969" and "Smashing Bottles".

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ya Boy. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Hype for this Week is Ya Boy for San Francisco.  In a generation where it would seem like "gangsta rap" is on its way out, Ya Boy is the shining hope for the subgenre. However, he brings his lyrical ability and Heavy bass melodies in a way that instead of making you cringe, it makes you move your head to the music and enjoy the guilty pleasure of enjoying a hood sound.

Though he has had his ups and downs in his career being signed and unsigned at times, he looks poised to make a good run in his years to come.

My Favorites from Ya Boy are "We Run LA" and "I Got The Power"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brown Bag All Stars. Unsigned Artists of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week are The Brown Bag Allstars from New York City. Consisting of a group of Rappers and DJs who bring a gritty sound back to the Hip Hop Genre. 

The Rappers all have grimey lyrics and crisp delivery that makes you screw up your face but yet still have enough talent between each of them to have there own sound. The DJs add to the group with beat selections that are made to get you to nod your head instantly and reminds you of classic Hip Hop Beats like "Ante Up". 

The group as a whole with there classic underground sound and talented lyricists give life to a sound that is lost in mainstream Hip Hop but far from forgotten.

My Favorite Songs from them are "Make Way" and "League of Intoxicated Gentlemen"

Friday, January 23, 2009

100 Point Forfeit

So apparently it is bad for one team to beat another team. Badly.

Now I'm all for fair play but when that fair play impends a team's ferociousness it just takes the whole meaning of competition.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Duke Nice. Unsigned Artist of the Week

Our Unsigned Hype for this Week is Duke Nice. A 21 year old from Delaware, he shows lyrical genius through the swagger of someone who has matured beyond his years. With his smooth delivery and Jazz heavy melodies he brings a new refreshing feel to the Hip Hop Game.

Don't mistake him for just another R&B type Rapper however. He has both the content and lyrical ability to spit about anything.

My Favorite songs from him right now are Fat Bottom Girls and Dear Winter.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unsigned Artist(s) of the Week

This week instead of having one Underground/Unsigned Hype. I have ten, all of which are talented in there own right and like I said in a previous blog will become the standard for Hip Hop Artists to come. Links of all Artists below.

Ace Hood

Asher Roth

Blu (Official)


Charles Hamilton 

Cory Gunz


Kid Cudi

Mickey Factz


Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh so Proud?

The odd thing about all this is that I don't know if to be "Proud" of this girl for breaking what might be a record of some sort or to be ashamed at the detachment from the world that this girl has.

I mean come on she texted someone who was right next to her. 

I guess its all based on perspective.

Who knows how long it'll be till all conversation is text based, void of the emotions that make us human.

At least we'd be able to LOL.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Hip Hop Generational Shift

I'm not one for making predictions nor am I any kind of expert in the subject matter I'm going to touch on but I make this prediction on the basis of patterns.

I predict that MTV's MC's to Watch in 2009 will set the standard for all Hip Hop artists in the future.

Now this is not to say that all of them will be wildly successful but they will cement themselves as what everyone, whether fan or aspiring rapper will look to as MC's in the years to come.

Like I said before, I don't make this prediction based on any "expert" opinion but on the basis of patterns.

Changes in attitudes that keep Hip Hop moving (Fans and the Media) and changes in both the attitudes and techniques the artists use to express themselves are the patterns that are implementing this change.

The reason for this change is simple.

Anyone remember the quote, "Hip Hop is Dead"

Yes that simple quote uttered by Hip Hop Legend, Nas, sent the entire Hip Hop community into a frenzy. Some agreed, some didn't but what is important that quote forced the community to look at itself in the mirror.

And the result of this self analysis?


And This...

And also this...

This is just an example of three of the five that MTV named MC's to look out for in 2009.

In their interviews, it is clear that they all believe themselves to be not like anyone else and they understand that being like anyone else is flattering but they would rather be themselves.

"I realized that, if I'm going to fail at doing music, then I'm not going to fail [by] doing what everybody else is doing,"  said, B.o.B, one of the MC's named by MTV to look out for in 2009.

And that's the attitude they all express, a willingness to be themselves and do what they want to do even if it fails.
Technology comes into play with the arsenal of new media weapons (Viral Video and Social Networking Sites), the rapid shift in how we receive and send information,  and mainstream media finally recognizing the potential of the Internet.

MTV reports that even though Kid Cudi, the last of the five, just recently got a computer, his hype came way of his friend and producer posting his songs on the Internet and the Internet did the rest.

"I think the biggest accomplishment so far with me is none of my — what they call — 'hype' is gimmicky or forced," he explained. "I didn't beat into the heads of people, like, 'Yo, you're going to listen to my music, and you're going to do this and you're going to do that.' I just kind of put them out and let them breathe."

This is the new "formula" of becoming a Hip Hop artist. The thing is not every artist or ever Hip Hop fan knows this or even understands how its possible. For these five artists to collectively be given such high media coverage from such humble yet tech savvy and sophisticated beginnings gives a lot of credibility to my prediction.

It takes the mystery out of the industry. You don't have to have loads of money or know people to get a chance anymore. You don't have to create gimmicks to sell and in the case of Wale, you don't even need an album anymore to get loads of press from big media outlets.

All you need is to be good at what you do, be determined and be yourself and everything will fall into place.

Just as things in any good art form ought to be.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

D-Pryde. Unsigned Artist of the Week

Our Unsigned Hype this week in the New Year is D-Pryde. Hailing from Ontario, Canada , this 15 year old rapper of Spanish and Filipino decent reps hard for his city and and even harder for his generation.

Not to be compared to former MCs under 18 like Bow Wow and Lil' Romeo, who are known more for their looks than their lyrics, he gives an amazing and witty lyrical performance in wide range of topics. His wit, humor and range also translate into music videos and comedic videos on his NHB Films Channel on Youtube.

My favorites from currently are "Still Fly" and "Heart of the City"