Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brown Bag All Stars. Unsigned Artists of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week are The Brown Bag Allstars from New York City. Consisting of a group of Rappers and DJs who bring a gritty sound back to the Hip Hop Genre. 

The Rappers all have grimey lyrics and crisp delivery that makes you screw up your face but yet still have enough talent between each of them to have there own sound. The DJs add to the group with beat selections that are made to get you to nod your head instantly and reminds you of classic Hip Hop Beats like "Ante Up". 

The group as a whole with there classic underground sound and talented lyricists give life to a sound that is lost in mainstream Hip Hop but far from forgotten.

My Favorite Songs from them are "Make Way" and "League of Intoxicated Gentlemen"

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