Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AJ Rafael. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is AJ Rafael from Moreno Valley, California. AJ Rafael couples his ability to play the piano and guitar with his singing ability to bring his own unique acoustic sound to the music world. His voice is gentle and smooth enough to give his listeners a good calming feeling. He adds his voice to lyrics that are touching, inspirational and speaks to anyone who has any experience of love.

Behind the voice is a slow beautiful melody of piano and guitar chords that compliment to his singing ability and raising the emotions of his music. With his winning musical combination done mostly on his own,  AJ Rafael is an artist for those who wish to have a pure presentation of an artist and their music.

My Favorites from AJ Rafael are "She was Mine" and "Starlit Nights"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Smart FM. Learn Stuff.


The only social networking site that I know of that helps you learn languages and a whole range of other subjects.

It works using user generated information and their special programs like iKnow, Dictation and Brain Speed.

How the programs work?

1. iKnow! is our flagship study tool for memorizing information and it’s probably where you’ll be spending most of your time. Built around years of research into memory and learning, it’s like a personal trainer for your head. Its adaptive learning technology creates a personalized schedule just for you, scheduling items for review just when you need to study them. 

2. Dictation is designed to test your language listening and production skills. The concept is simple but the results are powerful: hear a sentence, type it out. (For a list to be eligible for study within Dictation, it has to have sample sentences.) 

3. BrainSpeed is a light (and light-hearted) tool for quickly getting exposure to whatever you’re studying. It randomly chooses items from the list you're studying and presents them to you in rapid-fire sessions for quick review. 

You can even add your own information and use it as a little study session to help with memorization.

This site is perfect for vocabulary but is no substitution for a class setting or in depth study of a subject.

Still, It is a great site and a very useful addition to the social networking world.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Frank Ramz. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is Frank Ramz from New York. Frank Ramz displays an all encompassing and natural skill for rhyming along with a message for the genre of music he makes. Frank Ramz's wordplay and interesting metaphors come off smooth and eloquently, so much so that one may have to go through a few listens to notice some cleverly worded punchlines. His rhymes have even garnered approval from fellow rappers like Charles Hamilton. 

His criticism of the Hip Hop community as it stands today is not jarring and vengeful but full of intelligent and truthful insights. Coupled with sweet sounding production and his very different and intellectual style, Frank Ramz makes a very good case for why he deserves a chance to make it.

My Favorites from Frank Ramz are "Cryptachronacuddalite" and "Dr. Scholl's Soul"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gotham Green. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the week is Gotham Green from New York. Gotham Green brings a homely feel to his music that is perfect to just sit back and enjoy. He exudes a cool and entertaining persona on the mic that is not threatening and condescending in any way.On top of the cool persona, is a storyteller that tells a story that is his alone and he tells it bluntly and truthfully.

Behind the lyrics, are heavy hip hop productions that range from classic quotes from rappers and turntable spins and scratches. All blended together for an experience that is smooth and something familiar yet very different from what Hip Hop has become.

My Favorites from Gotham Green are, "Picture in Words" and "Still in the Streets"