Monday, February 16, 2009

A Life for the Unliving.

Now, I don't usually get philosophical when I watch old cartoons or listen to video game music from the past but something struck me as strange. For the first time I realized I was actually revisiting my past. I was never that conscious of the fact that I could revisit periods of my life through art and entertainment.

It is funny how Art and Entertainment is weaved into the tapestry of our world so much that it holds the experiences of our past, and will influence our future, yet for the most part they are dubbed as unnecessary spending in our schools and seen sometimes as a great dumbing down of our present culture.

I wish to explore more how our modern day Art and Entertainment has become a give and take relationship which I feel we the people give life to and how it has become more of truth in our day and age than any others.

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Twix said...

So entwined in our subconscious that certain songs make me feel like I'm on the Amtrak going to NYC haha