Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordspit. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is Wordspit from Brooklyn, New York. Wordspit mixes a classic sound of 90's Hip Hop, unique samples and  his creative mix of lyricism, storytelling and passion for Hip Hop to create a raw unprecedented sound that defines the potential for Hip Hop to return to its former glory and go beyond it.

Wordspit characterizes the new age of Hip Hop by presenting himself honestly and communicating his unique struggle as an artist beautifully. He successfully relates to the new generation of Hip Hop by tapping into everyday life and nostalgic topics, giving them new perspective with his clever and unwavering lyrical talent.

His presence never falters, his energy stays consistent and he tells his story in a way that can be understood by anyone as a journey into his thoughts and his alone.

My Favorites from Wordspit are, "Joystick Madness" and "Poet's Haiku"


JD said...

haha I'm following you from Sweden now, via bloglovin! awesome!

Writewell said...

Awesome JD! Good to see that I can get artists an international following.