Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Muzik MOBB. Unsigned Artist of the Week.

Our Unsigned Artist of the Week is the Muzik MOBB from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Muzik MOBB consists of four artists, J-Heat, Young Trigga, Fre$hman, and Zee Zee with occasional singer Raysean. The group as a whole has a very unified sound, with each artist complementing the next effortlessly.

Everyone holds their own and there are no places in their music where one part lacks effort because someone is slacking. This group uses its power in numbers to open up the range of topics that they touch upon and clearly explain their position without sounding repetitive.

Their greatest strength would be in their overall energy.  They posses the lyrical talents to make a song and keep a level of energy that is consistent and intense, keeping any crowd on their feet and entertained without being gimmicky.

Overall their energy and ability to manage so much talent into a unified machine is unmatched, making them worth multiple listens daily.

My Favorites from Muzik MOBB are "Switch Up" and "This is the Life"

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