Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Conquest for Information

We have revolved again.

No longer are we dominated by whos who know everything.

This is no longer a world of who you know.

It is now a world of what you know and how you can obtain more.

Whos are now controlled by whats and whats by hows.

This shift is manifesting because there is much we don’t know.

Or at least much we now know that we don’t know.

It’s funny because this has happened before.

Galileo and heliocentrism for example,

We didn’t know we weren’t the center of the universe.

But now we know that we didn’t know.

And that hurts the credibility of those who thought they knew.

We are at those crossroads once again, where we have the capacity to know as much as anyone, if not more.

But the thing is we can never become whos.

Our generation will never be that, simply because we can always know what about whos.


Well if I could tell you that, I’d be a who.


twix said...

u shood label this as global warming as well lol
get sum ppl thinking cuz there is def a big ass smokescreen in front of the truth

Anonymous said...

this was so confusing but it made so much sense. keep writing

-Ashleigh B