Monday, July 28, 2008

12 Reasons Why a Geek Wont Steal Your Girlfriend in 2008

I was browsing the internet today and stumbled upon this website.

Now I have been called a geek myself but I don't really agree with the views of this list, so I decided to make my own list against it.

  1. Geeks don’t always make more money.

Whether it may be to pursue their non-money related dreams or they just missed out on money making opportunities. Geeks don’t always make more money.

Also think about all the jobs that don’t require a vast amount of intellect like musicians, athletes and actors.

  1. Geeks are awkward.

Geeks tend to have there own style, which to the general public tends to be very awkward. Now for a more mature crowd this may not be a problem. However, a vast majority of public opinion is based on image and how many women want to take a risk and be seen with someone who is awkward.

  1. Geeks pay attention in extreme detail.

Yes geeks recognize all the little things that women want them to recognize but due to a geek’s tendency to over think things they also recognize the things that women may not want them to notice. Instead of just overlooking these things they will most likely put it into their “assessment” of their significant other.

  1. Geeks tend to have selective memories.

Remembering birthdays, likes and dislikes are things that all men should remember and geeks do tend to have good memories. However, they tend to select what is and is not important to remember.

This style of thinking negates the fact that they will pick out better gifts simply because they will never be able to pick out a gift that is a shocking surprise. Think about it like this, if a woman tells you what she likes, she will know what type of gift you will buy, but if she knows that there isn’t any way that you could possibly know what she wants and you get her something she likes on a whim, that my friend is shocking and it is a risk geeks aren’t willing to take.

  1. Geeks have intelligence yes but intelligence is an acquired trait.

Geeks aren’t the only ones who can read books or have a capacity to store information.

  1. Geeks are not very risky.

A geek’s tendency to think things through to limit risk may just bore a woman to death. That means risky activities like buying something that may or may not be liked by their significant other just wont happen.

  1. Geeks think they can “figure out” women.

Put simply this always leads to disaster yet geeks will still try to “figure out” women, which is impossible. Not because women are impossible, simply because human beings in general are too unique and too multi-dimensional to simply “figure out”.

  1. Geeks tend to be logical.

Logic doesn’t always work in a relationship and sometimes being wrong when you’re right in the face of a ridiculous argument may just be the right thing to do. This may seem illogical to geeks, after all their intelligence cannot be questioned else it wouldn’t be logical for them to call themselves geeks.

  1. Geeks don’t care much for fashion.

Can a geek really appreciate the high costs women make in the name of fashion? Yes they may recognize it but appreciating it is something totally different. After all as logical as geeks are, can they really see the sense in wearing high heels.

  1. Geeks aren’t better lovers

Just because someone reads the karma sutra or studies the body parts of a woman doesn’t make them a better lover. Experience is a very key element in making love, and I’m not talking about doing it the act itself but the experience that comes with knowing your partners body well. It is over a period of time that one becomes a better lover not just because they are a geek.

  1. Geeks think gadgetry over simplicity.

To a geek, things that work make sense so things that work will most likely make better gifts in their minds, and that is more likely the kinds of gifts women will receive from geeks.

Sometimes the calculated minds of geeks aren’t willing to be simple. A simple “Happy Birthday” or an “I love you” goes a really long way. It is after all the thought that counts.

  1. Geeks don’t exist after high school.

Probably the most important reason “Why a Geek Wont Steal Your Girlfriend in 2008” is simply because there isn’t any place for them after high school. In college, everyone is trying to uphold some sort of academic standard. When you enter the working world, employers in this day and age choose employees who are well suited for the job. So in 2008 what makes anyone think that labeling themselves one thing or the other makes them guaranteed to be selected by any woman

After all aren’t we all just one character trait away from being called this or being called that. It is best that we just be ourselves and attract others who like us for who we are and not what we are labeled.

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