Friday, July 5, 2013

Jowin Actually Has Friends Impressions

Jowin Actually Has Friends Impressions

If you’ve spent any time as a fan Jowin his announcement of his new project may have taken you back a bit. A bold statement from a cosmic loner, “Jowin Actually Has Friends” is meant to be taken literally, not as a figurative suggestion that the open ended lone soul music that we’ve come to love may be ending. Instead, it is Jowin’s way of bringing like minded individuals together.

His most collaborative project to date, the five track EP features production and verses from friends old and new. The production team of JAHF lends an R&B and Jazz influenced sound to Jowin’s inquisitive and observational lyrical style. Tracks that stand out are “Please Save Mii” with production by Luff, Jowin costar Plue Starfox and his melodic beats and “Stranger,” with production by Nick Dynamite who lends a dark and atmospheric tone to the project. Lyrically, Jowin continues his trend of keeping his listeners attentive and willing participants in his music.  He asks questions with his lyrics in a style that begs listeners to explore options, “If I was your stranger, would I stay your stranger,” is an anthem that comes to mind. Overall, JAHF comes in as a pleasing step forward guided by a little help from his friends.

Hear “Jowin Actually has Friendshere and be on the lookout for Jowin’s full length album “Circumescent” in the near future.

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